Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

---from singularityhub.com

To date, Parviz’s team has made some great first steps into proving that the AR contact lens concept is possible. Here’s a quick summary of the accomplishments they list in the IEEE article:

* Parviz has developed several micro circuit components suitable for use on a contact lens. These include: control circuits, power circuits, communications circuits, an antenna, and a LED. That LED was activated to provide a single pixel in the field of vision.
* All of these elements consisted of semitransparent hardware that was embedded onto a polymer or glass that emulated a traditional contact. The AR contact prototype was then embedded in a biocompatible polymer to keep toxins inherent in semiconductor materials from spreading onto the eye.
* The entire structure was tested on a rabbit eye for 20 minutes without ill effect and the LED was lit.
* The team has also developed a simple biosensor that could be used to determine blood glucose levels by monitoring the eye’s surface.


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