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lego 2009 review

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> Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2008, 3:02 PM
> Hola! In addiction to the wonderful Renn Fair like lego set
> I found more
> 2009 lego sets. If you do a search on you tube of 2009 Lego
> you'll see some
> people have put together slide show of pictures from a
> catalog. Most
> important ones is a Temple of Doom set that includes Short
> Round and Willie
> and is a car chase scene from the beginning if I remember
> that film right.
> But even more exciting is a Flying Wing set is coming too.
> It looks like
> they used Anakins star fighter canopy for the canopy of the
> Flying Wing as
> well but it still looked cool. There are more Clone Wars
> sets coming and
> they are relaunching the Pirate line, basically the same
> sets they had when
> I was a kid, but better with the new faces and outfits for
> the mini figs.
> Lego overload.

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If you wish. I also wrote this about the Renn Fairre Lego on a transformers board.
Medieval Market Place
I found out about this from a Lego community I am part of through my blog service. The poster found out about it from a Lego blog:
LEGO Blog: The Brothers Brick | LEGO news, custom creations, MOCs, set reviews, and more!
Its where I got these pictures from.
Comes out in 2009 I think it may come out in January.

Okay I am not sure if I can describe why I fell in love with this set right away but I'll try. First lets start with the mini figures.
(BTW, Brothers brick has some more high res pics which provide greater detail I'll post them if everyone wants or you can go see them there)
This set comes with 8 figures. Most of them have new faces, and all but the knights have new "clothes" especially the women who have bodices! It also has a "boy" mini figure, basically a regular mini figure but with non moving legs like those that came with the drawfs or Yoda.
Next, the food, mainly the new turkey! Turkey legs have been out for what a year or so now? But now we get the rest of the turkey! (Going to very fun to have for a Thanksgiving set next year)
Animals: Cows! (My brother says they are bulls, me being a city girl, doesn't know the difference) there is also a rooster and a chicken! Plus a duck! The duck only sports new color pieces from what I can tell but the rooster and chicken have new feather elements that are new! White colour rat I think is new, I think I only have grey ones. And fish! Actually maybe I should file the new dead fish in the basket there in the food, oh well.
Now onto the buildings. The buildings can close up so they can appear to have a front and a back, not just a facade. Plus the interiors are decorated with pictures and fireplaces. The fire is sporting new flame elements which seem to me to be a transparent orange of the red feathers from the rooster. (Two new pieces and in two different colors in the same set!) Also it was pointed out to me that the supports around the windows of blue building and at the market stand look like telescopes, which are also new pieces and may mean we are getting new pirates sets. *Hope*

This set looks totally fun and has a lot of play value plus rebuilt value. I am so excited to get it. It was cost about 100 USD or about 90 UK Pounds.
And I posted a picture of the front of the box and the back.

Isn't that more formal?

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Sarah said...

So are they cows or bulls?

Dustman said...

its a little early to be imposing roles on them, dont ya think?