Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i dont even use cruise control

(this is from author Bruce Sterling.
his blog is Beyond the Beyondat
he posts tons of sci-fi sounding news daily
i think he's as freaked out as i am living in that future we knew was coming. this story is like the things i was trying to get across in Liquid City.
people trusting their virtual reality more than reality and blindly following instructions given by machines. as sterling himself says over and over "oh, to have lived to see the day...")

Trust the computer, not the surface of the Earth
By Bruce Sterling EmailMay 15, 2007 | 5:24:53 PM

Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 01:05:30 -0400 (EDT)

From: (Mark Brader)

Subject: Another sat-nav accident: car destroyed, driver escapes

Accepting satellite-navigation directions without sufficient thought has caused another accident. A young woman in Great Britain followed its directions onto a country lane which was blocked by a gate. At first she thought it was a dead end, she said, but "the sat nav insisted it was the correct way so I opened it and drove through."

After the first gate there was a second one, so she got out to close the first gate and open the second one, apparently not thinking about why there might be two gates across a road, or why there was a sign saying to proceed "if the light is green". (None of the news reports I found says any more about that light than that the sign existed.)

while she was out of her car, a train came along the tracks and demolished it.





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em said...

That is funny! (Am I allowed to laugh at a train wreck?) Although I must admit that at times I am guilty as well. I am embarrassed to admit that I HAVE followed the google maps directions exactly, even if it tells me to make 3 U-turns...